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                                         ABOUT SURESHA

Suresha has been involved in bodywork for over 35 years. She founded The Marin Center for Somatic Education in 1992 in order to help generate interest and awareness in the concept of prevention and the process of self- sensing as a door to maintaining health and well-being.  Since its inception, the center has promoted and taught numerous movement classes and somatic education workshops, offered private sessions, mentoring to other bodyworkers, as well as client consultations.

Three volumes of 'Somatic Intelligence ©'  were produced and distributed as a manual and guide to students of this work, and  to help forward the integration of these principles into other forms of movement, therapeutic exercise, and hands-on practices.  The Marin Center for Somatic Education is a vehicle to help solve the puzzle of chronic pain, to help reverse acute pain and dysfunction, and to help promote self-sensing and self-regulation in ways that prevent old issues from recurring and new ones from developing.

Suresha Hill, Ed.S., DOMTP, HSE, RCST  

I graduated from Kent State University with B.S. degrees in Elementary and Special Education, an M.S. in School Psychology, and an Ed.S. in the Systems Intervention and Prevention specialty area of School Psychology. 

My graduate adviser, Dr. Don Wonderly started me on a path of investigation and discovery by introducing his concepts of prevention and a wholistic view of mental health.

The principles of entering into an existing system and honoring what's already in place while suggesting balancing options that could produce better results are the same for the body as they are for the mind or for an institution. My passion to find deeper and more comprehensive ways to address body-mind issues led to further studies.

After working as a psychological consultant for school systems for four years, intrigued by the complex kinds of neurological issues the children presented with, in 1978 I began studying wholistic forms of bodywork such as Shiatsu from Japan, Breema from Afghanistan, Bowen from Australia, Alchemical Hypnotherapy in the U.S., and meditation and a form of Breath Therapy during my stay in India.  I wanted to approach the issues from as many vantage points and levels of depth as possible to learn how issues were tied into the system.

I continued in hands-on approaches by learning Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, and after becoming fascinated by injuries I encountered while working for chiropractors and physical therapists,  I went on to complete a training in Hanna Somatic Education developed by Dr. Tom Hanna. This Feldenkrais-based work proved to be a turning point in eliminating a lingering back problem of mine, and was also a missing link for many clients who began achieving greater results.

After experimenting with the neuromuscular approach for 19 years I began expanding my knowledge base to include osteopathic approaches involving muscle energy, manual therapy and visceral techniques.  Seeing the benefit of approaching the body through different doorways led to the study and training in techniques for the Brain and spinal cord with Dr. Bruno Chikly, Manual Articular Therapy with Drs. Barral and Croibier, the Visceral Manipulation series with the Barral Institute, and the Biodynamic Cranial Sacral approach in which I am now certified.  I have completed a training in 2013 with Dr. Steve Sanet that led to being a Diplomate in Osteopathic Manipulation.

I've also become familiar with workings of my body/mind by being involved in dance and martial arts, meditation and spiritual practice since the 1970's and added the inner arts of  awareness through movement, t'ai chi and chi kung in the 1990's.

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